Ability Levels

Ability Levels

This workshop weekend is aimed at those people with at least some experience of playing the melodeon. It is important to choose workshops suited to your playing level. To assist you, we have defined three ability levels as follows:

Basic Level (B)

Musicians who can play a few tunes, know their way around the main notes of the instrument, and have some knowledge of note-names, written music and/or chord-symbols.  They will have probably begun to use the left-hand bass and chord buttons.

Intermediate Level (I)

Musicians who can play in the usual keys of the instrument, have knowledge of where to find all the notes, a fair idea of rhythm, and can follow at a reasonable pace. They will have started to learn to control the sounds (i.e. loudness and attack), to consider musical style, and perhaps to experiment with harmony and ornamentation.

Higher Level (H)

Musicians who can play with a degree of fluency, understand the layout of the instrument, can find notes as required, and keep a fair rhythm and pace. They will be exploring various aspects of their music such as style, phrasing, dynamics, accents, rhythms, harmony, ornamentation and technique.

If you are uncertain into which ability level you fit, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice. In general, it is perhaps better to ‘aim higher’ and be stretched in the workshops rather than be risk being frustrated by choosing a workshop which doesn’t challenge you enough. The tutors may indicate that their workshops are intended for more than one ability level. As with all workshop teaching events, the benefits continue in the days and weeks afterwards when you have returned home and have a chance to practise further!

However, the weekend is not suitable for absolute beginners, i.e. those who have never played a melodeon.