Coronavirus Arrangements

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Arrangements

It is too soon to be able to predict what precautions may be in operation when Melodeons in Wensleydale takes place. As you may know, the museum where the event is held is owned and run by the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The National Park has its own policies and procedures with regard to Covid that apply to all its facilities. Nearer the time, when we have a clearer idea what the Covid picture will be nationally next April and what government-imposed restrictions may or may not be in place, we shall have discussions with the National Park and Museum managers about what measures will be necessary and/or desirable to keep all attendees at Melodeons in Wensleydale safe. Since the Museum and National Park Information Centre will be open to the public throughout the weekend, the measures applying to participants in Melodeons in Wensleydale will need to be the same as those applying to National Park and Museum staff and visitors.

Once discussions about Covid have taken place with the National Park and Museum staff, probably in early March, the safety measures to be employed will be communicated to everyone who is due to attend Melodeons in Wensleydale. Information will also be displayed prominently around the museum, and the Museum staff and Melodeons in Wensleydale stewards will gently insist that the rules are followed.

We will do our best to keep this page updated if and when things change.