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Melodeons in Wensleydale 12th – 14th April 2024

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If you wish to book one place for Melodeons in Wensleydale 2024 and pay by cheque or Bank Transfer.

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When booking, if you choose a workshop which is already full, your second choice will be allocated to you, but a record will be kept of your first choice in case a cancellation occurs at a later date.

    Melodeons in Wensleydale April 12th-14th 2024

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    Workshop Title

    Ability Level

    Saturday 13th April

    Andy Cutting

    A1 - How to start using the bass end more


    Mel Biggs

    B1 - Beyond oom-pah: getting creative with your left hand


    Marinette Bonnert

    C1 - Discover Walloon music with dance tunes from Wallonia.


    Archie Churchill-Moss

    D1 - Reharmonisation and Modulation


    Paul Scourfield

    E1 - Right hand chords and harmonies


    Sunday 14th April

    Andy Cutting

    A2 - Getting inside a tune


    Mel Biggs

    B2 - Session Survival Skills: Discuss & explore practical ways to get better at playing in groups


    Marinette Bonnert

    C2 - Ensemble playing, second voice, accompaniment and work on the impulses of Walloon dance music.


    Archie Churchill-Moss

    D2 - Navigating the Melodeon


    Paul Scourfield

    E2 - Three Time Tunes


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    OPTIONAL EXTRAS (for course participants only)

    These will take place on Saturday afternoon after the main tutors’ workshops. There is no extra charge for attending these, but places may be limited to a ‘first come, first served’ basis.



    Vicky Cooper

    G/C Melodeon

    One tune – ten variations! In our mini-workshop we’ll look at a tune played on a G/C melodeon, and then explore ten simple variations or additions that you could apply not only to this tune, but to others in your repertoire. Experience of playing in G/C would be an advantage. You will need to bring your own G/C instrument.


    Hugh Taylor

    Yorkshire Dales Tunes

    Traditional tunes local to the Yorkshire Dales from newly discovered sources, including the manuscript of Thomas Biker of Embsay in Wharfedale, 1784.


    Richard Featherstone

    Irish tunes for people who don't play Irish tunes!

    Some first steps into Irish music for English style musicians, looking at some Irish tunes that are approachable for D/G players. Note that as of Jan2024 thsi workshop is full.


    Theo Gibb

    Melodeon Maintenance

    A practical demonstration and discussion of the process of diagnosing and fixing common problems. For example, notes that don’t play, notes that play all the time, air leaks, notes that wheeze, groan, burble or rasp, and anything else that participants bring along.


    Rees Wesson

    The Tunes of Oscar Woods

    An exploration of the repertoire and style of the legendary Suffolk melodeon player Oscar Woods

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