Tutors 2022

John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick began playing melodeon with Hammersmith Morris Men in the early 1960’s, and has been unable to shake off the push-pull habit ever since. Additionally armed with the B/C/C sharp Button Accordion and Anglo Concertina, churning out tunes and accompanying himself and others singing, he has carved out a glittering career on the English Folk Scene and beyond, playing solo, in duos, trios, and groups of every kind. His music can be heard on literally hundreds of recordings, including many under his own name, amongst which are several purely instrumental items showcasing a breathtaking virtuosity.

He still loves to dance – with the morris team he founded in 1975, The Shropshire Bedlams – and he has always continued to play for ceilidhs whenever he can. His current band is Kirkophany, in which he plays with his four sons. Frequently described as one of the best dance musicians ever, this weekend is a great opportunity to learn from John’s sixty years of playing experience.

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne is well known on the English folk scene for his work with the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated trio ‘Granny’s Attic’ and as a soloist. Originally from Birmingham, Cohen developed a keen love for melodeons and concertinas while still at primary school. Cohen’s main passion is for English traditional music and song, but his musical interests run broader than that, into Baroque music, ragtime and Victorian popular music- and he has been known to throw all of these into his performances and teaching. Cohen is an experienced teacher and has worked with students of all ages in workshops and on a one-on-one basis, both in England and abroad.

Hazel Askew

Hazel Askew is a London based singer, musician and workshop leader. She has worked as a performer on the folk scene for many years, most notably with BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated vocal trio Lady Maisery and traditional English folk duo The Askew Sisters, with whom she won Best Female Singer at the 2011 Spiral Earth Awards. She was also part of 10 piece female supergroup Songs of Separation who recently won Best Album at the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Hazel is a committed folk educator and often leads projects for the English Folk Dance and Song Society’s adult, youth and schools programmes. She has also led workshops and courses for organisations including BBC Proms, Barbican Creative Learning, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Folkworks, Soundpost Music, Aldeburgh Young Musicians, Dartington Summer School, Benslow Music and Morley College. Hazel is one of the most experienced melodeon teachers in the country. She has led workshops for various festivals and organisations and helped develop the EFDSS Saturday melodeon classes, which she has led since 2012.

Emmanuel Pariselle

Emmanuel Pariselle is a very accomplished melodeon player and teacher with an international reputation, who has played the melodeon since 1975. He has made several solo CDs and others with groups including Marc Robin, La Bergère, Gascona, Five Men in a Boat and Très De Garona. He is best known in England as a melodeon maker and runs melodeon making courses every year in England and in other countries.He plays frequently for dancing and will teach a Basic/Intermediate Level workshop on different styles of traditional French music including the south-west and the centre of France. His Intermediate/Advanced Level workshop will share some of the imaginative ways in which he uses rhythms and bass lines to add more life to French music.”

Thierry Beuze

Thierry Beuze is a talented and experienced melodeon player from Quimper in Brittany. After playing bombarde in a Bagad (a Breton band comprising bagpipes, bombards and drums), Thierry has, from an early age, been passionate about the diatonic accordion. Specialising in traditional Breton music for dance, Thierry is the founder of several groups of Fest Noz (Breton dance musicians) including Tud and Deus’Ta, but he is also a recognized soloist and appreciated by the dancers of Fest-Noz. He is a teacher of diatonic accordion in a traditional music school in Brittany and is a master craftsman, who has a shop where he tunes, repairs and sells accordions. His workshops will offer you an opportunity to discover the universe of Breton music and dance (which go hand in hand with each other!)