Workshops 2019

DateTutorWorkshop TitleAbility Level
Saturday 11th MayPascale RubensA1 - Is this my Box?B/I
Toon van Mierlo
B1 - Sorry, Melody!I/H
Saul RoseC1 - Developing the Left HandB/I
Brian PetersD1 - The Triumph of TripleI/H
Sunday 12th MayPascale RubensA2 - Rhythm and Finesse for G/C Melodeons I/H
Toon van MierloB2 - Belgian Traditional TunesB/I
Saul RoseC2 - Crossing the RowsI/H
Brian PetersD2 - Airs of the RosesB/I

See here for explanation of ability levels.

Please note as of 19th November 2019, the Minor Keys and the Melodeon Maintenance (Reeds etc) workshops are now full.

Saturday May 10th

A1 – Pascale Rubens  – Is this my Box? – B/I

Pascale cordially invites you to this Basic/Intermediate Level workshop to ‘discover your D/G box’. Focussing on technique, rather than on tunes, we will explore the dynamics and possibilities of our instrument: how to play a tune differently each time; how to make melodic variations; how to play a groovy bass… The workshop covers all this, and more!

B1 – Toon van Mierlo  – Sorry, Melody! – I/H

In this advanced workshop for D/G melodeon, we will not work with a melody. Sorry about that! But by utilising only grooves, patterns and key changes, we will make a musical piece from them. This will allow us to discover alternative ways of approaching our instrument and its possibilities. It might bring you a different approach to music as well. Let’s hope…

C1 – Saul Rose – Developing the Left Hand – B/I

Through the day we’ll have a look at what we have and how the left and right hands interact. Using simple tunes, we’ll construct bass lines and rhythmical accompaniments.

D1 – Brian Peters – The Triumph of Triple  – I/H

Brian discovered the wonders of 3:2 thirty years ago; in the class he’ll explore old English hornpipes in this fascinating rhythm and look at the thorny problem of what to do with your left hand.

Sunday May 11th

A2 – Pascale Rubens  – Rhythm and Finesse for G/C Melodeon – I/H

In this workshop we will work with some basic tunes, but will especially explore new approaches to playing the left hand side, invent variations, and separate the left and right hand. We will look for groovy rhythms combined with a subtle right hand. So, if you fancy some ‘profound research’ on your G/C instrument, please come and enjoy!

B2 – Toon van Mierlo  – Belgian Traditional Tunes – B/I

Don’t laugh, they exist – beautiful tunes of the Belgian region! In this Basic/Intermediate Level workshop for D/G melodeon we will work with Belgian melodies that enable us to discover new techniques, variations and possibilities. So, don’t be shy, come and get some Belgian tunes. Belgium is not just about good beer and chocolate!

C2 – Saul Rose – Crossing the Rows – I/H

Whether it be to play quickly or to achieve a bass run, crossing the rows is a key element to getting the best out of your melodeon. We’ll look at some of the possibilities for improving performance and expression that are opened up by crossing the rows.

D2 – Brian Peters – Airs of the Roses – B/I

A chance to learn some less well-known tunes from collections made 200 years ago in the great counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire, with tips on techniques that will make them sound even better.


Melodeon Maintenance: Bellows Repairs – Theo Gibb

How to locate and repair air leaks, replace worn taping and undertake other repairs to the bellows

Melodeon Maintenance: Reeds, Valves and Wax – Rees Wesson

How to remedy problems associated with reeds, including valves, plates and blocks, with a basic introduction to tuning

Tunes from the Yorkshire Dales – Bob Ellis

An introduction to a few tunes from the Dales Countryside Museum’s collection of manuscripts and field recordings of local Dales musicians

Minor Keys for Major Impact – Vicky Cooper

Enjoy a couple of minor tunes at a steady pace and join in the discussion about playing in a minor key, pairing tunes with others and using key changes for effect