Workshops 2018

Please note that as at 13th November 2017, the workshop status is as follows:

Saturday workshops
A1 John Spiers – FULL
Sunday workshops
B1 John Spiers – FULL
B3 Issy Emeney – FULL
There are still spaces available on the remaining workshops.

See here for explanation of ability levels.

Saturday 21st April

A1 – John Spiers*

Going beyond oom-pah Ability levels I/H 

Very much a left-hand workshop, exploring everything that is possible from drones to bass only runs, mixed chords to syncopation and stabs.

A2 – Mel Biggs

Session Survival SkillsAbility levels B/I/H 

Ever been to a session where you’ve no idea of the tune being played so you just sit there with your box on your knee all night? Yup – we’ve all been there at some point! In this workshop for all abilities, you can acquire the essential toolkit skills for how to ‘survive’ sessions ‘out in the wild’. To include: determining the key signature of a tune, the art of mimicry (no face paint required), right hand rhythm, chords and accompaniment.

A3 – Issy Emeney

The mysteries of cross-rowingAbility level B

How, why and what can it do for you? Issy explains all, demonstrates the pros and cons and gives you the basics for this style of playing. Fingering is all!

A4 – Steve Dumpleton

Fens, Wolds and Big Skies – Ability levels B/I

Some great tunes from Lincolnshire to stretch and improve your melodeon technique.

Sunday 22nd April

B1 – John Spiers*

The Melodeon Band Ability levels B/I/H 

This is a workshop which splits the melodeons in the group in to different sections to arrange folk tunes in a way that is 100% squeezebox, but very different. Parts will be simple, but it will give participants a good idea about how they can integrate their instruments in to other band settings too.

B2 – Mel Biggs

Mel Biggs’ TunesAbility levels I/H 

Mel teaches some of her own compositions designed to stretch your fingers and your synapses. 

B3 – Issy Emeney

Song and Tune AccompanimentAbility levels B/I/H

This workshop will be based on harmony and chord playing in both the left and right hand and is suitable for all abilities. Players at basic level will find this workshop invaluable, while more experienced players will explore and develop their skills even further.

B4 – Steve Dumpleton

Passion and Darkness – Ability levels I/H

Love, longing, betrayal, anger the title says it all. Explore how to put some intense feeling into your playing with some traditional minor-key tunes. Not for the faint-hearted!

*Because John is always such a popular tutor, we’re limiting you to just one of his units over the weekend, to give as many people as possible an opportunity to work with him.